• @TomWS
    Replacing exisiting code like jshardware.c with other code from unknown source would open a possible backdoor for virus etc. @Gordon gave me some examples for that.
    Therefore the decision is to use c-sources from repositiory only. There we have a good chance to refuse dangerous code.
    Requiring a md file for each submission is my recommendation. But I would not make this mandatory. Feel free to write and add pull request for md file where you miss it. Good starting point is the JSON mapping for each class/function/... in c-code.

    @allObjects, thanks for your explanation. You brought it to the point as always.

    Any change like 3SPI would cause changes which are not easy to do, at least on my best knowledge. If it is a simple change only, I would recommend to add changes to Espruino repository itself.
    I've no idea, what MDBT42Q supports. This should be done by somebody with better skills


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