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  • I went through another list of firmware files from IBand android app, all of them are SDK11 legacy DFU packages (!) for nrf52832, here is a list of device names with available firmware binary

    A8 ASA306 CB606 CWatch1 Daily DK08 EC008 F07 F07A F07Lite F10 F10A F10U F1Pro H808 H818 HB049 HB08 HB080 K2 K5 K8 KETO L8 M01 M05 M08 M10 M520 M7 M98 Matr02 MCplus2 N108S N109 N68 N69 NarutoBand ONYX SL11 Smart SVC TF1 voyage W331 X9_00 X9_OP X9Pro

    you can google them like

    -name- smart "iband"

    with iband in quotes to avoid autocorrection to band, most of them are in >$30 price range but look very good, I think you will like most of them, so far I found M7 M10 M520 W331 F1pro DK08 K2 K5 L8 F10 F07 TF1 N68 N109 X9Pro (mainly on aliexpress, ebay, gearbest), listings mention iband app and nrf52832, so far F07 is cheapest - ~$17
    In theory all of them are updatable via OTA :-)


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