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  • Hello everyone.

    I really want to get some data from the VESC (Vedders electronic speed control) via UART to a MDBT42Q Official Espruino breakout board. My only issue is that i dont realy know where to begin.

    There are a few libraries already written in C. Im not so familiar with C so its hard to get some useful info out of it;
    STM32F4 C Implementation

    What i do know; the VESC communicates over UART using packets with the following format:

    One Start byte (value 2 for short packets and 3 for long packets)
    One or two bytes specifying the packet length
    The payload of the packet
    Two bytes with a CRC checksum on the payload
    One stop byte (value 3)

    More detailed information here

    I would like some help with where to start basicly, i just want to get data from the VESC with espruino.

    There is a bluetooth module that i can hook on to the VESC aswell that has RX and TX characteristics pre programmed, so there is also a option to communicate via BLEUART.

    VESC Source code
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