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  • The second pin says "5v", but if you use it with a 3.3v micro, like the MDBT42, you should connect the "5V" pin to 3.3V!
    I have something like yours, in center position it is about half of the input voltage (but not exactly, and not the same on X any Y axis...). As you move the joystick, the voltage should go between 0 and 3.3V. Mine goes to 0 and full voltage waaay before reaching the actual endpoints...

  • Alright, so its output is calibrated on 5v ? and because it reaches 3.3v rather quick, thats a 100% for the microcontroller ?
    Now the joystick is connected to Vin which is 4.2, but you mean that it will work if i connect it to 3.3v on microcontroller ?


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