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  • Some companies pay a small amount per month to get their boards listed in "Third Party Boards" in - this means getting a page on the Espruino site, and getting a maintained build so there's always an up to date firmware available in a release or 'cutting edge' build:

    Nordic decided not to renew that in March, so there aren't new builds going forward. The old ones will continue to work.

    However last week a few people complained on Twitter and that was enough to change Nordic's mind within just a few hours - but only for Thingy:52. That'll be back for 2v03 and later (hopefully today).

    If you care about this, let Nordic know. seems to be the best way - if nobody tells them then they don't think Espruino is being used and seem less inclined to support it.

    The same applies for other companies and boards too. Want the nRF52840 Dongle supported? Ask them. EspressIf have expressed zero interest in supporting the work on Espruino for ESP32/ESP8266 - if they were contacted by a few more users that might change their minds.


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