• Hi @Vlad,

    Bluez was used in Android before 4.2 but now it uses Bluedroid as I understand. In any case, I repeated the test with iOS which definitely does not use Bluez as I couldn't get the it working as an alternative to CoreBlueTooth.

    There is no way to manually(or programatically - the system decides) initiate bonding on iOS (in Android there invariably is but I'm only using that as a control for iOS, not developing on it).

    It does appear that it is not related to the characteristic security as it is the system level that fails to respond with the appropriate Auth Response (the Insufficient Auth message does not contain any info on the required Auth - that is the responsibility of the AuthReq sequence). Looking to @Gordon for an update on the NRF.setSecurity configs not working.

    I still think having a simply security yes/no at the characteristic level is the right approach. If the settings there are declarative (cannot influence the bonding) because the system handles the bonding, having options that have no effect will result in failures where there are mismatches.


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