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  • Hmm….just tried to flash but...
    Conecting to J-Link...
    Connecting to target...
    ERROR: Could not connect to target.

    With respect to the cabling, I have taken the small ribbon cable and adapted it to support the Vcc, GND, SWDCLK and SDWIO. Measuring the cables, the first 4 tiny cables starting from (1) on the board are to my understanding representing Vcc, SWDIO, GND and SWCLK.

    However, putting in the USB cable into my computer and measuring the voltage on (1) and (3), I don't measure something like 3.3VDC. I am not sure if this correct or is switched on when flashing.

    Any ideas?!

  • I think the J-Link adapter is not used for supplying power to the board. The connector on the SWD interface says "VTref", so this is only used to get a "voltage reference" in order to generate the appropriate signal levels when programming. So you definitely need to power the device by other means, e.g. by USB.


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