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  • It's time for a release again (it's been a while since the last one, so this is pretty big).

    2v02 is available from or from the Web IDE if you've got an official board.

    Note: Where there's a hashed number in brackets after a bug it refers to a numbered GitHub issue


    • Graphics functions return a Graphics instance so calls can now be chained like g.clear().flip() (#1580)
    • Graphics.clear(true) will reset state (font, color, etc) to default as well as clearing the screen (#1615)
    • Lots more documentation, linking and code examples in the reference
    • Add I2C/SPI baud rate sanity checks (#1619)
    • There are now builds for Smartibot
    • We now save file modification time with FAT
    • Remove limit on the number of scopes that can be searched - you can now nest as many callbacks as you want (#948)
    • Added RegExp | operator (#1503)
    • Switch ARM toolchain to gcc-arm-none-eabi-8-2018-q4-major for faster/smaller binaries
    • Big software serial reliability improvements, and input buffer size raised to 64 bytes (#1654)

    Device specific additions

    • nRF52: NFC is now working on all devices
    • nRF52: Add Bluetooth passkey authentication in both central and peripheral via NRF.setSecurity
    • nRF52: startNotifications uses Indicate if Notify doesn't exist (as per spec)
    • nRF52: Added active option to NRF.setScan/findDevices/requestDevices to allow scan response packets to be requested
    • nRF52 better reporting of softdevice errors
    • nRF52: Add setAdvertising({},{scannable:false}) for disabling scan response
    • nRF52: Add FAT Filesystem support to MDBT42Q module
    • nRF52: Add NRF.getSecurityStatus to allow devices to detect the current state of the connection
    • nRF52840 SDK 15 improvements/fixes
    • nRF5x: Add security options to NRF.setSecurity (courtesy of @vkolotov)
    • nRF5x: Allow Serial1.setup(...) with only TX or RX pins

    • STM32: Add E.setRTCPrescaler to allow the RTC to be calibrated on Espruino Pico (#1607)

    • STM32F4discovery: Add Filesystem module

    • ESP32 now uses esp-idf V3.1.3

    • ESP8266: shrinking build size with different compiler options (#1622)

    • ESP8266: add Wifi.connect options channel and bssid for faster AP connects (#1595, #1640)


    • Regex String replace/split now works better (#1602)
    • DataView.byteOffset/byteLength is always set even if not specified (#1567)
    • Fix sign of RSSI reporting with setRSSIHandler
    • nRF52: Disconnect RX pin after UART test at boot (saves power when in deep sleep)
    • Serial.unsetup now sets pin state to UNDEFINED, which disconnects the pins internally
    • Removed modulo on new Date h/m/s/ms arguments since desktop JS is fine with out of range values
    • nRF52: Fix slow Bluetooth connection if previously disconnected while using low power connection interval (#1605)
    • Added HttpServerResponse.setHeader, and now automatically send Connection:close unless overridden (fix #1596)
    • nRF52: Fix setScanResponse regression from 2v00
    • nRF5x: Execute SWI1_IRQHandler when radio turns off instead of on+off. More efficient, fixed multiple advertising.
    • Fix segfault if .clone is called with this==undefined (#1628)
    • Fix issue outputting char codes <8 after outputting hex char codes
    • nRF52: Don't allow NRF.updateServices while a BLE restart for setServices is queued
    • nRF5x: Don't sleep immediately if we received any events since last sleep (#1572)
    • Improve handling of timeouts for RAK8212 GPS
    • STM32: Fix issue where occasionally STM32 would be ~0.2s late waking from light sleep
    • Fix index in E.mapInPlace and improve docs


    Unfortunately the vector font has now had to be removed from the Espruino Original WIZnet build due to lack of spare flash memory, however the non-WIZnet build still contains everything.


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