• It seems like quite a few of these (maybe not the 8MBit) are still in production? http://www.winbond.com/hq/product/code-s­torage-flash-memory/serial-nor-flash/?__­locale=en

    It's not specifically calling functions, it's just that JS execution speed as a whole isn't that fast.

    Realistically you want to ask Espruino to do the work for you if at all possible.

    Changing readPage to something like:

    Flash.prototype.readPage = function(pageNumber) {
      this.seek(pageNumber, 0);
      return this.spi.send({data: 0, count:256});

    Should be tidier, and an awful lot faster. writePage could be speeded up in a similar way as well I think.

    Is there any interest in getting this brought onto the Espruino website as a module so you can require(W25Q)?


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