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  • I found the culprit - targetlibs/nrf5x_15/modules/nrfx/mdk/nrf­.h contains the following:

    /* Redefine "old" too-generic name NRF52 to NRF52832_XXAA to keep backwards compatibility. */
    [#if](­?q=%23if) defined (NRF52)
        [#ifndef](­rch/?q=%23ifndef) NRF52832_XXAA
            [#define](­rch/?q=%23define) NRF52832_XXAA

    This defines NRF52832_XXAA, and thus causing both nrf52832_peripherals.h and nrf52840_peripherals.h to be included, and then the fun begins...

    After commenting this out, I am finally able to use the GPIO1 pins. @gordon do you want me to add a new SDK patch and send a PR?


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