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  • The original espruinio only has a total of 2240 variables

    ={ "free": 2220, "usage": 20, "total": 2240, "history": 0,
      "gc": 0, "gctime": 4.05120849609, "stackEndAddress": 536910432,
      "flash_start": 134217728, "flash_binary_end": 237128,
      "flash_code_start": 134459392, "flash_length": 262144 }

    whereas the pico has 5100.

    While I own 5 Picos, all except one are in use currently. And the one not in use does not have the right headers (pins vs. sockets) to connect it straight forward. I either have to solder new headers or get new connecting cables. And/or rework the code so that it can live with what it offers.

    I also have a ESP32 dev board somewhere, but I do not have much experience with ESP32. There might be other issues.


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