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  • I think the problem is that I need it for development. Quote:

    Because this requires preparing the EEPROM in advance, it's utility may be limited to code which does not change often.

    As this is work in progress, I currently need to test it often.

    To get around the issue for the end-users I think I need to break the developed modules down in the end. This will certainly break the modular in favor of something like a "max3421UsbHostHID" or "max3421UsbHostStorage" or whatever is needed. Then I can remove unused constants and/or us the constant values directly.

    The user will have less options to get their hands on the USB protocol, but at least they can use the devices (otherwise they might run out of memory just for connecting the external USB device).

    In my case I would also need to have some code on top which takes care of processing the data I retrieved over USB.


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