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  • Today I have advanced the development, but I guess I'm running out of memory. At least if I want to write the library very clearly (that is with meaningful variable names and constants).

    In particular the constants seem to eat a lot of memory, but if I do it without, I probably loose track pretty soon as the USB specification isn't really trivial.

    It would help if there is a way that the minification could replace constants by its value. So that "C.USB_SETUP_RECIPIENT_INTERFACE" would become "1" (its value).

    In the end these names would be necessary as the user would need this as well in order to customize the code for dedicated USB devices.

    What I have done so far is to start initializing the device and querying some basic device properties (description). Still very basic, but some constant progress.

    I think I can gain some memory, by switching from the original espruino to the pico, but that would only solve it for the moment.


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