• Write up a project you’ve made with an official Espruino board, put it online and get a free Espruino Pico , Original or MDBT42 breakout board (or equivalent money off another board), until the end of September 2019.

    You should:

    • Publish on Instructables, Hackster.io, Hackaday.io or YouTube. We're open to other websites, but please contact us first to check.
    • Include a picture of the assembled project
    • Include the JavaScript/Blockly code that you used
    • Include a short description detailing what parts are needed and how they are connected, and when mentioning the Espruino board, add a link to it
    • Have published in 2019 (if you published it before this started, that’s fine!) - the actual date you worked on the project can be earlier
    • Have published before 1st October 2019
    • Have made the project yourself or with others (not used or substantially copied someone else’s project)

    Send an email to gw@pur3.co.uk with a link to your project and I’ll give you a coupon code for the Espruino shop worth £20 (ex VAT). This is the full price of an Original and slightly more than the Pico or MDBT42 Breakout board, however shipping is not included.

    If you have any questions, please let me know either on the forum or via gw@pur3.co.uk!

    edit: the end date has now been extended from end of June to end of September


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