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  • Interesting... Thank you guys for your clarification. I'm trying to come to a conclusion if it is actually rational to use internal nrf5 flash for this king of things I wanted to use it for, e.g. backing up some readings (daily or hourly).

    Giving that:

    • we have only 10k write/erase cycles
    • I've managed to allocate only 14 pages
    • there is a wear leveling mechanism so that all 14 pages are evenly used even if I write 1 word

    Does it mean that I'll have about 10000 * (14 * 1024 (page size)) / 4 (bytes) = 35840000 write cycles for 1 word?

    Something tells me that it is not right or very hard to achieve giving that wear leveling won't be ideal. Also, I'm not quite sure if my assumption is correct - 10000 write/erase cycles is per 1 bit (e.g. not per page or minimum write operation length).

    If 10000 write/erase cycles is actually per 1 page (e.g. minimum write operation length is 1024 bytes), then it would be a different figure: 10000 * 14 = 140000 write cycles for 1 word.

    I also not quite sure if flash page size on low level is the same as page size of Espruino Flash module. Looks like ppl on that nordicsemi thread mention that page size is 512.

    What's your thoughts on that guys? If it is 35m write/erase cycles, then it is acceptable even if we store a figure every hour. If it is only 140000 write cycles, then it could be problematic.


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