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  • A wise decision. While the MAX3421E module is mostly working, it is mostly not just more than this. This means that it doesn't do much USB handling on its own so far. And for this reason it's yet untested (as there isn't much outer code available so far).

    The original author and developer of the breakout board has decided to split the code into some files for accessing the MAX3421E chip on the one hand and files for USB handling on the other side. To me, this makes sens as it allows to create independent USB access solutions. As far as I have seen they can range from simple to complex and think it doesn't make sense the add more overhead than necessary.

    So in my opinion, it would make sense to have this small MAX3421E module as base and several other libraries (separated by purpose) on top of it.

    For the moment, some example code would probably be satisfying. Something that could later be expanded to a module. However, I fear, that even a simple device such as a keyboard, might at least introduce quite some more basic code, as all the USB enumeration and accessing needs to be done.

    It's in the range of about 2-3 days of work, but personally, I can not make it this week. So you probably want to keep it open a bit longer, maybe.


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