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  • BTW Interesting info about flash endurance for both nrf51 and 52 is here­q-a/15798/flash-endurance-on-nrf52 it is 'only' 20/10K erase cycles, not 100K as I hoped. I like the idea there about rewriting previous data with zeroes (which comes free, it is the erase that counts) and finding first nonzero data.
    EDIT: however when reading more, there is nWRITE parameter which is limit of number of writes into the same 1024 byte block which is 181 so looks like you are even not supposed to write 256 32bit values one by one.
    EDIT2:look like this differs significantly between nrf51 and 52. nrf51 family has this limit 2 per 32bit word, nrf52832 has this 181 per 1024 block. So the 'clearing invalid data to zeroes' way makes sense only on nrf51.


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