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  • jsiSetConsoleDevice was only being called once, so it looked like it's something to do with Espruino->Bluetooth rather than something weird happening with the serial or USB ports. Figured it was a buffer not being cleared somewhere so I scanned through likely files until I found a candidate. Changed this in targets/nrf5x/bluetooth.c and it came good:

    [#if](­q=%23if) NRF_SD_BLE_API_VERSION>5
        uint32_t err_code = ble_nus_data_send(&m_nus, nusTxBuf, &nuxTxBufLength, m_peripheral_conn_handle);
        if (err_code == NRF_SUCCESS) nuxTxBufLength=0; //<- added this line
    [#elif](­/?q=%23elif) NRF_SD_BLE_API_VERSION<5
        uint32_t err_code = ble_nus_string_send(&m_nus, nusTxBuf, nuxTxBufLength);
        if (err_code == NRF_SUCCESS) nuxTxBufLength=0; // everything sent Ok

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