• I've made a new e-Paper Display driver (cloned from SSD1606 driver) that works with newer e-Paper displays that support partial update. It's currently working with WaveShare's 200x200 1.54 inch display and 'should' work with Crystalfontz e-Paper displays (at least the 122x250 CFAP122250A0-213) but I haven't gotten around to testing that display yet.
    As far as I can tell, these displays use the SSD1608 chip and, while I'm still testing, I thought I'd let y'all have a glance.

    The advantages of partial update are:
    Faster update,
    only selected region is modified so fixed image background is maintained,
    no flicker on update.

    With this implementation, each partial region can have it's own graphics object that can be updated independently (in theory, I haven't tested this yet ;-)

    In the photo below, the background was erased and the 'standard' Hello World message written. Then a partial region was created and it is updated every ten seconds with the time of day. Boring yes, but if multiple regions can be supported (memory might be an issue) then very useful.

    More later, Enjoy...

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