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  • What is needed to support USB-OTG with the Espruino?

    Background: I have a device with an USB-OTG interface. If connected with the computer it act as slave. I can open a (serial) console and send a short command (string).

    Now, I would like this to happen from an Espruino powered device (can be any board).

    I figured out that the cable decides who takes the initial host role by a 5th pin. Beyond that the role can be changed from software as well.

    While I don't need the latter, I just want any working combination so that I can send out a string over usb (just like as it was connected by a console).

    Would it just work to prepare a cable to set the initial host/slave role to make the Espruino be slave? And what is needed to make the Espruino be the host (if possible at all)? Do I have acces to the additional 5th ID wire (actualy it's the 4th wire, labeled USB_ID in the schematics)?


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