• Sat 2019.03.30

    entire pp   'My cooking timer . . . but consumes a lot of energy. About 7 mA at 6V (I have a LDO lowering the voltage to 3.3V then). . . . (less than 1 mA when connected by BLE, about 100 uA when disconnected) . . . but it seems . . . thus consummating the 7 mA.'

    As I'm reading this, at normal operation, 100uA is observed and during a BLE event, 1mA is consumed. Where, when is the 7mA drain observed as this value is far in excess of normal operation? Are the readings before or after the LDO? What are the values of the pullups?

    Please clarify @benoit

    A quick look over of the code page didn't reveal any loops, so for now I'm guessing the code is not the culprit.

    It would help greatly if a snapshot of the schematic (regardless of doneness or completeness) and even a picture of the setup might provide us clues.


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