• Hi - so you renamed your MDBT42 to Wave AD2833 in the code? My guess would be that your code does something that either takes hold of or breaks the Bluetooth UART connection. The IDE isn't seeing a response to its query so it is assuming an old firmware - realistically you're not going to get any luck out of the module connecting straight with the IDE like that.

    ... potentially it could just be a hardware issue - if the MDBT42 wasn't powered correctly it might be getting just enough power to advertise, but not to sustain a connection. I think that's probably unlikely, but I have had it happen.

    Do you have a button connected between D0 and VCC (or a way to connect D0 to VCC?) that you used for the hard reset? If that works then you really should be able to just hold it and boot without loading any of the saved code - and it should appear as MDBT42... again.

    Even if somehow that doesn't work you should be able to short-press to enter DFU. When that's done you can upload a new firmware and then the new firmware will automatically ignore anything saved with save() - if you saved with 'save on send' then it'll still load it though


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