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  • @Robin, world has become fluid... over time... unfortunately... and specs are often not as concise as we like, nor do images always match text and vice-versa... and more so reality... (If I'd have ordered RGBW as catalog / image(s) show and receive RGB only or worse, it is return on cost of merchant. Ambiguous catalog entries w/o free return just do not turn into order entries). In @AkosLukacs ' referenced item though, description, image, and text in merchant's context imply RGBW and 32 bits to send to make it right!

  • Mon 2019.03.25

    'merchant's context imply RGBW and 32 bits to send to make it right!'

    Ahhhh @allObjects, I thought you were with us here. Please re-read #1, #18, and my #21

    @AkosLukacs points out GRBW as does the output #1 shows this also. I agree with that and thus point out the advertiser WS2812B error as there isn't the white component in that device. 24 bit. So is a 32 bit SK6812 variant, not WS2812B

    'I can try to desolder one'

    No need, unlikely to result in part number.


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