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  • Fri 2019.03.22

    continuation of #11 above

    A month ago, I put together a table of datasheets reference to help answer the color byte order of this family of multi-color LEDs

    REFERENCE table of RGB Led datasheets 3528 5050 WS2811 WS2812 SK6812 APA102 NeoPixel­330713

    Again we have a web page indicating (incorrectly) the chip used in their strip offering as in GRBW from #18 above. The images appear correct, as the yellow tinge phosphor is present, but that then means this strip can not be a WS2812, as there isn't the 'W' component for the byte array of a WS2812 as there isn't the yellow phosphor marking either. (web page offering title is incorrect) when making a purchase, caveat emptor

    @AkosLukacs did you by chance locate a datasheet for this GRBW SK6812 variant?


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