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  • Hmm, your feedback to userdefined C code sounds like "there is no market"
    People with knowledge to do that will already have their own development.
    Thats a good point.

    So lets go back one step. The idea of predefined C code sounds good to me.
    I can imagine some reasons why you did not get lots of contributions

    • lack of knowledge how to built
    • bottleneck for additional functions due to actual restrictions in size
    • functions are not helpful for majority of users, for example who needs a Schmitt Trigger. On the other hand I would like to have lowpass, highpass, pid control, etc. etc.
    • restriction to "must run on all boards", for example I've a full color P3 driver, which works on ESP32 only. some guys could be interested
    • no "how to proceed" for plugins

    Summary, I would like to start a first version of a registry. About 3 years ago I've created a github with my extensions­ensions c files.
    And never worked on that again :-( Lets give it a try.
    I will create an interface to that into my firmware build tool, and remove upload for C files


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