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    When I have my Wifi plugged in with USB and I load the code through the IDE, everything works fine. The moment I save() it breaks and I get the I2C error above. Where should I begin to hunt down what's causing the issue?

    Full code

    Excerpt of code that is raising an error

    function setup(){
      NEOPIXEL.write(B15, [0,0,0]);
      nfc = require("PN532").connect(I2C2);
      setInterval(function() {
        nfc.findCards(function(card) {
          card = JSON.stringify(card);
      }, 1000);
      spi = new SPI();
      spi.setup({mosi: B6 /* D1 */, sck:B5 /* D0 */});
      g = require("SSD1306").connectSPI(spi, A0 /* DC */, B7, start,{ height : 32 });

    Full Error Message:

    Uncaught InternalError: Timeout on I2C Write BUSY
     at line 1 col 172
    in function "cmd" called from line 1 col 18
    this.cmd([74,1,0]);var d=this;setTimeout(function(){var c=d....
    in function "findCards" called from line 69 col 6
    in function called from system

    I have also attached an image of the NFC chip I'm using. It is wired as follows:

    • NFC -> Espruino
    • GND -> -
    • VCC -> 3.3v
    • SDA -> B3
    • SCL -> B10

    I have looked at some of the Troubleshooting guides and they suggest:

    • Remove all console.log/print statements. I think I have done so.
    • Setting USB.setConsole() during onInit(). That changed nothing.

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated, I'm very new to all of this. Thanks in advance!

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