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  • @Gordon, just found the entry in forum. Usually I visit forum randomly, and watch specific part only. So this went through without being noticed by me.
    And after searching by date, I also found the mail. It was sorted in "wrong" folder by google.
    I'm sorry about that. Anyway, it would have been too late for me that day. Is there a restriction to send it that shortly ? Getting a mail in the morning for a meeting late afternoon is sometimes challenging.

    @Gordon, could you please explain your security concerns a bit deeper ? I've an upload which checks extension of files on client and stores everything in temporary folder. I will add check of extensions on server. Its an Ubuntu server, and I've to check permissions, so they are read/write by nodejs only. One of the next steps is to create something like a lifetime for temporary folder.

    @wilberforce, as you assumed, I use provision to

    • install compiler etc, one time only
    • set variables like path or ESP-IDF to create a specific compile/make script

    Install was done manually, so I'm not sure, do I still have correct/actual version ? For example, you are working on 3.1.3. I would like to recognize that and do an automatic reload. Any suggestion from your side ?
    BTW, i checked 3.2 pre shortly, size of binary is grown one more time, and does not fit in partition anymore. Lets wait and see for release of V3.2


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