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  • I've been waiting for connect info for last video chat. Got nothing

    I had no idea - thanks for letting me know! Might explain why nobody attended - I'd edited the post about the chat - linked from­328256/

    Did you look at that and not see anything? Maybe Patreon cached it somehow.

    a list of topics from your side would be helpful

    Good plan about the topics to cover. To be honest I'm not that sure on what you're all interested in which is why I ask, but I'll try and come up with something as a base. What about doing something like an intro to how the interpreter works internally? Lots of opportunities for questions there!

    firmware build tool

    That's great. It's something I've been thinking about recently - the main thing that's stopped me is a security concern if people were able to upload their own code that could maybe include system files and/or take advantage of compiler bugs... However even the ability to choose what modules you need is pretty handy.

    wilberforce did a lot around travis, that I can use now

    You're thinking of using Travis to do the builds?

    Personally I'd have thought just posting on the main Espruino forums might be good to get some feedback. If you want I can mention it in a Tweet and see if you get any more usage/comments?


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