• My device uses the MDBT42Q module with a different set of IO devices than the Espruino MDBT42Q module. I don't have the LEDs or switch, but I do have: SD card, 6DOF accel/gyro, 3 axis magnetometer, and 64Mb Flash memory. The Espruino module is a good starting point, but, obviously, I need to change the libraries (NEOPIXEL? I don't think so...).
    Thanks for the info on Crypto. Looks like everything will fit with it, but I might remove it in a later version when I start adding libraries for the other stuff. Right now I'm testing performance to see if this platform can handle my needs. I haven't had much success with OneWire, but that's tricky timing. Hopefully the rest of this will be ok...
    I've built an image that I'll test tomorrow. Hopefully the learning curve is not too steep for my diminished capabilities ;-)


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