• @Robin, as promised: attached a short clip of the game while it is going on... paddles connected to / active on / playing 2nd and 4th lanes...

    Stills show start, in progress, and win - win by player in 4th lane!

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  • Sun 2019.03.03

    Nice completed project!

    From #26

    game paddles on scrap prototype PCB w/ mounted micro switch
    w/ every fourth early press player uses a step

    and my #27

    e.g. Paddles in foreground with light display in background

    I was attempting to visualize the actual player interface mechanics. I do hear the tapping and as I realize the prototyping need for a simplified pin ball lane equivalent, is the micro switch one of those with a springy extender arm, and the effect is to trip/time during a set interval, but not too fast in succession?


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