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  • Hi, i am trying to control the puck.js from a web bluetooth website. I am not a programmer but i do understand some basics.
    So far i have some basic code, grabbed from one of Gordons tutorials, what i am trying to achieve is to make the puck advertise a link and then of course disconnect it from the computer in order for it to advertise. if anyone knows a quick and easy solution please respond, would be really grateful.

    Here is the code.

      <script src=""></­script>
      <button onclick="Puck.write('LED1.set();\n');">O­n!</button>
      <button onclick="Puck.write('LED1.reset();\n');"­>Off!</button>
      <button onClick="Puck.write('NRF.setAdvertising(­[require("ble_eddystone").get("­J0Oc")]);\n');">Advertise</button>
      <button onClick="Puck.disconnect();>disconnect device</button>

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