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  • Hi,

    What kind of devices were you thinking of ordering? Puck.js? On most of the boards there isn't much to assemble.

    In theory, yes it's possible to have them however you want them. However it depends on the quantity/product - for Puck.js for example all the stock is pre-assembled and I keep over 1000 in stock. I doubt it makes much sense for either of us for me to disassemble them for you.

    However if I was getting a production run done in order to supply you then I'd be able to supply them however you want. Puck.js is usually done in runs of 2000 because there are minimum orders of some of the components, but there may be some scope for combining orders.

    Can I incorporate your brand name into kits?

    Yes - It'd be good of you could run it past me first just to make sure. But for example I have no problem with you selling an 'Espruino starter kit' if it contains an actual Espruino board.


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