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  • Fri 2019.02.08

    Thank you @AkosLukacs for the source and image from #4 above.

    @Spocki thanks for the trio variant summary: RGBNW (natural white), RGBCW (cold white) and RGBWW (warm white)

    AkosLukacs, how did you determine that quad Uint's were needed, as the BangGood page specifies RGB+White and also indicates (while incorrect) WS2812 (tripplet Uint's), which you (array divide by three) have proven can't be - see what follows. If a S.W.A.G.'d guess, then it appears you may have gotten lucky there, even though you were led to believe you received WS2812

    Did anyone else observe the inconsistency?

    From image in #4 the output as explained is from right to left: (reversed here)

    Green : Red : Blue : Yellowish White : Bright White : RGB White

    Spec sheet SK6812 shows RGBW   which can't possibly be

    as we have #4:

    [50,0,0,0, 0,50,0,0, 0,0,50,0, 0,0,0,50, 50,50,50,50, 50,50,50,0]
       G R B W   G R B W   G R B W   G R B W­   

    Can't be these either ref: RGB WS2811 or BGR APA102­les/1378/WS2811.pdf­/APA102.pdf

    So, do we have yet another mis-represented Asian knockoff, or a spec sheet that is incorrect and we now need to search for yet another variant to contend with?


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