• All right, that one good news ! :)

    -> I was currently disconnecting the battery when connecting over USB but it seemed I could control the leds "ok" ( but maybe not as reliabiliy as when running everything off the battery ;p )

    I'm currently working on how to optimise the leds/leds strip chunks so that I have the shortest non-crossing traces across the board ( I'm quite afraid using short wires 'll be quite hard since it'd unsolder one end while solderng the other due to heat .. I experienced that when joining two strip with a wire between both .. )
    I plan to try two different approaches:

    • 1st: "Pyralux" flexible pcb for proto ( or cheaper flexible fab pcb ? )
    • 2nd non-flexible pcbS ( as "sections" soldered together to form the circuit )
      The ability to get two layers flexible boards 'd be awesome ;p

    Ps: do you think I may have killed the last led on the strip by getting electrically shocked by touching it or is it just some code-side pb ? ( fact is: I tried loading previous versions of my code: still same trouble with the last one, aside from the scheduling maybe not as fast as expected & my test patterns not doing correctly .. yup, I have some mess to fix .. ) or would it come from me controlling leds powered via bat+ pin & no battery while connecting over usb ? :| .. ( I'm not sure how to test if an APA102 is dead or not, aside from directly connecting to it & sending controls to it only - thus this 'd mean a crack in the strip connection, which I doubt since it's not where I joined chuncks .. )

    -> I'll check that once done with my mapping problems ;)

    ps: do you / does anyone have any knowledge / experience with "breadth-first search" & the TSP problem ? ( I could really get some help on either writing or modding an Illustrator plugin to do some related stuff .. )

    thanks for the hints :)


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