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  • There is always the fallback solution

    I'm afraid that only works on STM32 - not nRF52s :)

    forum search doesn't search in message bodies

    I know - I believe it can be turned on via a checkbox (I think?), but the default is off which is kind of confusing!

    @AkosLukacs there's absolutely no reason why what you're doing is a problem. I wouldn't add a specific RGBW write command - the ideal solution would be to remove the check.

    However I just had a quick poke around and the nRF52 code is nontrivial to change and would potentially cause problems if we did that - so for now I have just documented the need for rounding up.

    I do eventually want to merge this mass of different code. It's basically all doing the same thing (with the exception of the crazy hard-coded one for Wio LTE) so I could make the code that created the bit patterns common - and at that point I'd like to remove that 3 byte limit and also add the ability to invert the signal (to allow 5v logic level output using just a single transistor and resistor).


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