• Hi there !

    back on this project ;p

    -> I received the said charger/booster and 'll test the pullups pins stuff ;)
    -> I also had answers from the Adafruit support team, as such:

    forget about voltage boosting and associated limitations and inefficiencies. You are better off powering both processor and pixels direct from your battery pack. We regularly run Neopixels and Dotstars directly from 3.7v LiPos


    So, before trying the said pullup thing, I have to try powering ~40 leds fully bright from one ( or more in parallel ? ) 3.7V 18650 batteries & powering an original Espruino board ( maybe later a Pico but I no longer have any handy ; ) ), yet for programming/flashing/debug reasons, I wish to be able to keep the USB connection to the laptop.

    I currently disconnect the battery jst connector when being connected using USB while the leds are getting power from the 3.7V battery & no problem has rosen yet, but I'm wondering how the board would react if I were to keep both USB and battery on JST connected ( the leds are getting power directly from the battery, not from the Bat pin, when usb is connected or not )
    Also, it seems I couldn't talk to the board when putting a 1000uF 16V cap across the battery power source & Gnd ? ( the board was recognized, but I couldn't get a working serial comm, even when using an external ftdi adapter & trying on hardware serial ports .. ( espruino original ) .. may it come from CTS/DTR left unconnected ? I'll have to try using bluetooth .. )

    This being said, I'm onto modding my current code to try the said ~40 leds, hoping I can have them 'blinking in sync' & last longer at least a minute ..

    ps: mode 0 seems to work reliably on my current setup, big thanks for the hint ;)

    last but not least, would you advise using external pullups when running off 3.7V & controlling 3.7V-powered leds ( without opendrain since no more needed ? I wonder how to fasten the said "voltage swing" .. )

    -> I'll see if I can adapt some "rainbow scrolleré onto those as a test ;p


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