• Sat 2019.02.02

    'I think I'm suffering from TMI'

    It's more likely too much analysis/paralysis. I was in that mode two years ago. Follow my 30+ forum posts in reverse chronological order to see my original fears. It's easier that one might think. Time to just jump in.

    Found a video that shows the Neopixel strip in action, which should help with visualizing how the output might appear and the flexibility of the mylar backing.


    Remember that there is minimal wiring as opposed to individual Neopixels. You'll also have more control over color and intensity that the original game didn't have. Could even duplicate the fading bulbs to give that retro look. ;-)

    A quick parts list to get you up and running and excited to keep at it. My vote is for the Pico as it just plugs in and you could be writing code immediately. After the Neopixel strip is ordered:

    The WiFi you were after


    or maybe the Pico and the USB cable to Laptop


    or a quick snapshot of all the devices


    That should be enough to get some coding practice in before the Neopixel strip arrives.


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