• Tue 2019.01.22

    Hi gang, hate to reopen old wounds, but this issue has re-surfaced.

    recap: Put coding on the back burner in November. Started back up a week ago. With nothing more than the passage of time, again, I'm now not able to load modules.

    dup lines removed for brevity and 404 url is truncated

    Splitting for reset(), delay 250
    Splitting for Modules.addCached, delay 250
    >>> Sent
    ERROR: Found module, but search took too long.
    Espruino.Core.Utils.getURL: got HTTP status code 404 for http://www.esp.../Colors.min.js
    WARNING: [notify_warn] Module Colors not found
      . . .
    Found a prompt... great!
    >>> Sending...

    What changed on my PC on this end?

    • Towards the end of development, had re-flashed to upgrade Pico from 1v93? to 2v00.103
    • Windows has done two required (forced without my consent) updates
    • Chrome went through an update
    • Avast performed both an app and signature update

    What changed on the WebIDE and server side?

    I notice (what appears new) that the phrase 'Splitting for Modules.addCached, delay 250' was added

    Per #8 above, I disabled Avast shield control for the default ten minutes, and was able to proceed, so far two attempts. This extra step in annoying, especially when making many changes and needing the extra step to canvas the web for supporting reference docs.

    Will update here only if the problem persists.

    EDIT after one hour of changes/send:
    Issue returned. Verified Avast shield control was still disabled. Modules still not found, orange banners continue to appear. The only way to resolve is to: dis-connect, close the IDE, remove power from Pico, apply power, launch IDE, connect, re-open project, select, send. A real pain!

    VERSION: "2v00.103",
    GIT_COMMIT: "df8a910",
    BOARD: "PICO_R1_3",

    Web IDE version 0.70.4


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