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  • Hi Gordon

    After switching to "save to flash" in the IDE, i got a lot of more RAM free. After deleting all files except ".bootcde" and calling compact, nothing new. I do not get flashmemory back.

    Then i made a very ugly hack that seems to work!

    // ST is the storage object
    var x = E.toString(".bootcde"));
        if (x===undefined) { throw new Error("Not enough RAM for .bootcde"); }
        else {
            // Ugly hack !
            eval('var x = E.toString(".bootcde")); ST.eraseAll(); ST.write(".bootcde",x); console.log("survived");');
           // Here i do a reset via my custom watchdog function.

    After the reboot everything is working fine, storage is freed and ready for reuse ;-)



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