• ...looks like we are sailing different vessels...

  • You have been working on this 100% from the beginning and other folks have chimed in but now I'm suffering from data overload or TMI. I'm sticking with you only. So let's do this, help me create code for 12 competing players. I need to know exactly which board number (the Wi-Fi is what you suggested), the correct light string, I have 15-20 power supplies from stuff over the years. If I have to buy one, no problem. I ordered the switches for the lanes. The college students flaked out on me... as you already wrote most of the code, can you finish the coding so it will work for 12 players? I'll upload it and put it all together. I think that would be the most helpful. I'll even name a horse for you... lol
    Thanks, Mike

    Oh, I'm learning JS through YouTube tutorials so I can improve my skills.


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