• 'but the issue here is that the higher wins and is the only one detected'

    May agree on the exit latch flip-flop, but not on 'only one detected' in above statement.

    As the ball rolls through the lane, tripping it's lane switch, another player lane might have a ball roll through a half second later, and a third a second after that. The other nine would be in the process of launching the ball. So polling these switches is nothing in processor time and accurate event monitoring could take place.

    'The real issue is that only one is noticed'

    If a flip-flop is used, that might block/lock the other near simultaneous ball pass through reads. What about a simple R-C circuit that briefly charges a cap, then discharges it after a read. In that way, say polling ten times a second, would allow for %all% detections, even on close races, as the time to reload and fire might be three or more seconds away.

    48 hrs have elapsed. Put an A.P.B. out for Mike, hope we haven't scared him away . . . .

  • Well, finally getting a chance to read all of this and yup, scared me a little. LOL. I was searching through the comments to determine what Espruino to get and what lights to get. I think I'm suffering from TMI. I need a parts list that will work . Applying the KISS rule. I'm all mixed up so if someone comes to a final conclusion, I would really appreciate it. Thanks fellas.


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