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  • Hi Gordon

    I have several EspruinoWIFI distributed in my house.
    The Espruinos are "installed", in most cases difficult to connect via USB again.

    They all communicate to each other over IP. They know each other over UDP dynamicaly.

    Each espruino has a little "core" software saved.

    The over all configuration of all espruinos and additional code for different devices (Replays, Sensores, etc.)
    are dirtibuted over wifi to the espruinos as needed by the "core" software.

    Every espruino will get the config and the individual needed additional device code to use and store it on the storage.

    So i have a full redundancy. Each espruino has stored the config of all espruinos and several espruinos has stored small code for
    different devices like sensores etc.

    They inform each other about the newest config version and the version of the small code pieces over udp.

    If a espruino has a newer version of the config for all espruinos or a newer version of code for connected
    devices (Relay, Sensor etc.), the other espruinos will request and get them over tcp too.

    That is the reason why i use a lot of the storage and get in trouble with it.

    That's why i'm looking for a way to wipe out everything except the saved code from the storage.
    In that case the config and the needed additional code can be downloaded and stored again.




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