• The image of the game is the actual game. There weren't any mechanical horses though. Awesome pic because that is the guy that ran it back in the day. That is the actual game I'm reproducing. Very cool. I don't have the board unfortunately. I have to build it too. Still, well worth the effort. I love that second game with mechanical horses but never played. I'd love to build that too but wouldn't know where to start.
    Now to answer questions.

    Yes, each player is separate. If 18 is too many, for now, can I do 12 instead? It will be more practical that way. Easier to manage too. That's enough for the family get togethers. That should resolve the board issue too, I hope.

    Shielding the cable. Isn't there a cable wrap to shied the wire? I have used tin foil in the past...lol don't know if that was okay but it worked.


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