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    By chance are you @user96445 @user96449 and now @user96792 Is it possible that a different email addr is being used to access the forum on each edit? It would be of great benefit if there were consistency here, to allow us to easily follow along.

    "Do I need to find an electrical engineer to make the connections?"

    Good gracious no, I don't think so. This is basic week one electronics.

    See these examples for switch input:



    "students are probably not going to understand the switch to the LEDs part"

    The process will be done in software.

    Think of each wire end in wire loop game being attached to one of the poles on the switch diagram provided in:

    http://forum.espruino.com/comments/14567­358/ This is the rollover switch I'll be using

    The LED part:


    Consider a strip of neopixels to cut down on the amount of wiring. Just three wires for a strip. I am running a meter of 60 neos with approximate spacing of 5/8" Very flexible. Would a strip fit the player lane from #1: http://forum.espruino.com/conversations/­329107/


    You will however need a microcontroller to turn these on, as they are not a simple resistor and LED.

    Many examples here and a few, including myself that can assist with the nitty-gritty.

    Schematic - Mike, do you by chance have the electronics schematic of the original game, most likely relay logic? This would assist in determining what game logic each of the six rollover switches would control.

    Mike, have you made a firm decision to complete this project using an Espruino device?

    @allObjects has burned up a considerable amount of time producing a near finished project, and I would hate to see his efforts evaporate, should you be considering the Arduino (ref #4 conv 329107) instead.

    One Espruino Pico (has 3 SPI) should do the job for stand alone if one continuous strand of neopixels are used. I've not tested the total count limit, although I've read five meter x 60 = 300 is possible.


    See #3 above for image compliments of allObjects of an Espruino WiFi that is powering two lanes of five LEDs each. Complexity of game play, along with which LED wiring, time and money will make the decision on which and how many.

    Maybe the Espruino WiFi as allObjects suggests to have a web page in a browser control the panel wirelessly?


    As an enhancement, have you considered using the Espruino MDBT42Q for Bluetooth connectivity to run this game from your phone perhaps?


    Several options and a great group here on the forums. I'd like to see you succeed and taking a few pictures to post in the Projects forum would be fun to follow along to project creation.

    May we may welcome you aboard and join us in the Espruino adventure?

  • I think when I log in from my phone, it's grabbing my different email addresses from FB or something. I noticed that I had different user numbers too. The first two are me, I thought I corrected it the last time but alas, I now have a third user... sheesh🤔 I have to figure out why I'm logging in with different emails when it should populate using the original when I set up my registration. Today, I'm going to work on this issue.

    No schematics. The last remaining game was parted out and nothing exists. I wish. I haven't checked one place, the US Patent Office. I'm adding that to my must do's list today. Maybe I'll get lucky.

    I am going to use Espruino. The students helping me know Java Script well. They didn't know about the Espruino board but I doubt it is a problem. In fact, I copied everything everyone in this forum, including @allObjects has created and forwarded to them to the students. I thought it would benefit the large number of CS students at Louisiana Tech University more and intro the Espruino board to them as well. Spread the wealth.

    For me, I'm going to handle this like I'm a project manager and connect everything and everyone, then learn how this all works once this works. I'm a hands on learner. The students are being paid for their help and they can educate me on the build and coding. I think getting out of the way and letting them build it is better than me micromanaging. I'll also learn all of this and may be able to contribute back to others on this forum when possible. In the meantime, I'm learning a lot now which wasn't possible without the great people on this forum.

    The hardest part? Getting it up and running. I can't wait!

    Thank you to everyone for sticking by my side. A dream is going to become a reality. I have a plan and help, materials and students that seem more excited than I am to complete this. Kids and pinball type games are still a great combo. A tiny part of the good old days still exists. That's just cool.


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