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    Conversation about Help for Newbie. LED lights for game board by @ser96445 (@user96449) made me dig up the Neopixles that I got as part of the Espruino PICO Kickstarter reward and some other scraps and make a prototype show the status of a reaction game. So fare I did not neopixel yet (from 'to neopixel'). The perfect opportunity to put these forgotten 4-legged 5mm round neopixel LEDs finally to work has just come.

    A clip shows you the last - 4th - race step of the last - 3rd - race of a game. These are the events:

    1. both users' horses have already won two races,
    2. horses are in 3rd and 4th of the total 5 positions
    3. game host starts race step by pushing game control button
    4. flickering for the step goes on and stops
    5. user 0 - top lane / left button - is 1st to press button and horse wins step
    6. horse's next race position lights up with previous position still lit
    7. race win AND game win is detected and game's race wins only show
    8. game host starts new game (showing different colors)
    9. horses are back in start positions of first race in new (next) game
    10. game host starts race step
    11. user 1 - bottom lane / right button - user's horse wins step and advances

    If event 7 would have been race win only, briefly only last LED for position and LED for wins would have been lit and game would have resumed with event 9: players' horses back in start position of next race.

    A user pressing too early the button is shamed with lane fully lit. Race step is repeated.

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