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  • @George,

    I do not know if this

    But there is an issue with the first LED. Its green part always turns on no matter what color I set it to.

    is still an issue for you...

    Because I just fooled around with the Neopixel LEDs I got as part of the PICO Kickstarter reward... and guess what: using my Espruino-Wifi, the string of 8 neopixels I connected to B15 showed the same green sickness... No matter what color I give, the last pixel (sent) just gets screw(ch)ed over.

    First I thought it was some coding issue... but no... since I did not set any pinModes, I felt that the convenient - or glorious - automode could be the culprit: and it IS. Setting the pinMode() to output just fixed the issue (I did not look into the Neopixel write implementation... may be it can be fixed there for good... waiting a bit longer with going back to auto or what...).

    Only a while after I fixed the issue it came back to me that you had a similar issue... ;-)

    Anyway... I know that you use a different chip, but one never knows until tried. Give setMode(<pin>,"output") a shot.


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