• Hello,

    i find a strange behaviour of the chrome ide with a pico with v2.00 firmware
    If i use a let in a switch case block, IDE generate an error

    Error: Line 15: Unexpected token let

    i'm not not sure why it's wrong?
    in an html page with the code it does not generate error
    and for my point of view i could legaly use a let in the block
    if i upload the code in the espruino, it works.
    in a more complexe prog, it generate error in the code and nothing works (i've took some time to understand the prob)
    if i change the let for a var
    no error anymore and code run on the espruino

    let phrase= "";
    function test() {
      let tire = 7;  
      switch (tire) {
        case 7:
          // try a let
          let vTemp = Math.random(); 
    function onInit() {

    is it an error?



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