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  • Thanks for posting this up -I'll have to diff and see what init values actually changed. Looks like we need some kind of options object to let this stuff be specified - although the module itself is quite small so I wonder whether we shouldn't just have another module for this slightly different type of display?

    The row/col offsets could hopefully be added during initialisation as well - calculating offsets for each pixel write would really slow things down.

    Q1: STM32F407VGT6

    I think you're still going to be limited by SPI transfer speed. Until Espruino supports DMA you're not going to be able to push the data that fast.

    Q2: would a mode with 'non palettes zones' & other stuff 'palettes' be of any interest ?

    I'm not sure I understand... But if the other mode is unusable on all official Espruino boards because of the memory usage then I doubt it'd be that useful to people?

    Q3: would a mod of the 'clear()' & 'flip()' methods accepting a rectangle x1,y1,x2,y2 be of any help ( to either clear or update only part of the screen ) ?

    There is actually Graphics.getModified­hics_getModified as Graphics keeps track of what has changed.

    If you could make flip() use that information and only upload the area of the screen that had changed then I think that would be very useful! Although you may find that the extra code needed to crop line-by line slows it down - so it may be worth ignoring the X coordinates and sending only entire lines.

    Q4: could 'dynamic italic text' be come a feature ?

    I know what you mean, but I'm not convinced! You could write a function a bit like there is for doubling font size though?­327333

    Q5: could an alternative behavior for the 'palettes' mode be handy ? ( if color is outa bounds, fallback to either black or white depending on a param passed or settings )

    Wouldn't that make everything really slow? And I'm not sure how it could be out of bounds - if you have a 4 bit image with 16 colours then they can't be out of bounds by definition??

    Q6: best way to get 'instant drawing' for a (colored or not but likely ) logo ?

    Just copy the contents of g.buffer using the Uint8Array.set method - This example 'Mario Game' does it to speed things up:

    Or if you want to save memory you could use heatshrink compress/decompress on it:­shrink_compress


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