• Eric, the

    interest to display in col vs in row

    is to make algorithm life easy, have less code to be executed, and thus a brighter display - more scans resulting in more 'ON'-time are possible in a given time.

    In computer science, Algorithm and Datastructure are complementing elements, like amount of memory and performance (execution time/speed), and same as in many other areas of engineering disciplines: one thrives on the cost of the other one and vice versa. But if a good balance can be struck, Résultats imprévus exceptionnels se manifestant! (...I hope I got that right - google helped me with the details... no kidding. It's 25+ years past my fluency).

    In engineering, there are areas of freedom and 'non-negotiable' ones, or - as I like to point out - life goes much easier not thinking in black boxes or only inside or only outside boxes: the freedom to budge or choose in one area is key to success in the or another one. In this case at hand - having 8 vertical bits store in a 1 byte - makes the algorithm simple, because all information for one scan cycle stays within one whole byte - no straddling or figuring out or complicated picking of individual bits out of many different bytes to put out in one scan cycle... ;-). If the LED matrix would be taller than 8 pixels, it would just be multiple bytes with a skew factor, such as the first, the 51st, the 101st,... with a buffer supporting a with of 50 pixels / columns.

    I hope this answers your thoughts.

    Btw, what does Mr BPP mean?.... now response required... just for curiosity, that can stay unanswered.


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