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  • Hi, you shouldn't need any drivers on Windows 10. The boards should just plug in and start working right away (I'll update the troubleshooting guide).

    Having said that, I just tried an older Espruino Pico and it does exactly as you say. All looks fine and then both LEDs turn on and windows reports an error. Newer Espruino Picos work fine, as does Espruino WiFi.

    Does the Pico work ok for you when it's not in Bootloader mode? It looks like something in Windows 10 has been updated which means it has trouble with the older bootloader, although new firmware works fine.

    There are a few solutions I think:

    • If you can plug in to a Mac, a non-windows 10 PC, a Linux PC or Chromebook then you can update Espruino's firmware to the most recent. Bootloader mode still won't work on Windows 10, but otherwise the Pico will be fine.
    • You can follow the steps on­eflashing to completely rewrite the firmware (including the bootloader) - it'll then work great on all devices
    • Assuming you can connect to your Pico when it's out of bootloader mode, I could give you some code to run on the Pico that would update the bootloader. There's a certain amount of risk there though because if it does fail, you'll have to go to the step above to fix it.


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